Monday, October 31, 2011

Black Cat, Punk! Goth?

So during my journey of new ideas I came up with this simple picture. A black cat themed picture. I didn't think about making it orange and green instead of pink and blue. Oh well though. I still like it and it gives the theme out pretty well.
No this isn't a Carmen themed picture, although it looks so much like Carmen. It isn't her. Supposed to a rebellious and misunderstood black cat, that everyone has always associated with superstition. Poor kitties.

It's been said that in history people have killed or the people who ever have kept a black cat in the middle ages were severely punished or even killed. The bible thumpers back then believed that black cats were the companions or a familiars to witches. They also believed black cats were demons or apart of sorcery. Once again... poor kitties. They couldn't help that they were born with black fur coats. Anyways.

That was on the more negative superstition of black cats. Black cats were also believed to bring good luck in other cultures too. From Wikipedia! "The view of black cats being favorable creatures is attributed specifically to the Egyptian goddess Bast (or Bastet), the cat goddess. Egyptian households believed they could gain favor from Bastet by hosting black cats in their household. This view was held in the early 17th Century by the English monarch Charles I. Upon the death of his treasured pet black cat, he is said to have lamented that his luck was gone. True to his claim, he was arrested the very next day and charged with high treason."

Pirates in the 19th century had all kinds of luck for the innocent black feline. Like if the black cat walked towards them, the person will have bad luck, and if the black cat walked away from the person, they would have good luck.

Oh people and their silly superstition.
Black kitties are just normal kitties that are born with black fur. Just a genetic thing. ANYWAYS. Art time.

and then an animation of how the coloring process.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The yellow fairy of lightening.

I have shown a few WIPs in the past of this picture and I'm now finally finished with this picture. Drawn to go with a series of other fairies that I have drawn in the year. This time is yellow. I have done blue, green, and purple.

A link to my fairy gallery.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Butterfly

Submitting a picture that is apart of a big, BIG project of mine. It's new to me and to the people who are interested in my work but it's very different from my calendar projects. This is watermarked for it's protection so... it can only be sold the new way that I'm going to sell it.

2012 Calendars. Pictures of them will be posted later, but I am finished with the new calendars. If anyone wants to purchase a 2012 fantasy calendar please send me an email ( with an address and paypal email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Calendars are apparently still be only sold through me but I am still working hard to make it easier for people and myself to order them.

;3 Hard work takes a butt load of time and energy but it proves worthy of the time and energy that is spent.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another WIP

Oh dear another wip, you guys are probably sick of wips that the finish products havent been shown yet. Well This wip is a commission, I gotta get it done. This is a Hikari-Cullen commission from Ciderfest. MUST FINISH.

Similar to my maiden of earth picture but more watery and with more blues and greens and some seafoam greens. Yeah this will be fun.