Monday, August 22, 2011

Kasumi, DOA fanart

Kasumi from Dead or Alive.
I find Kasumi inspirational cause of her pretty sakura ninja outfit, and when she twirls with the petals around her to disapear-teleport or whatever. Correct me if any of you actually know what she does. I find it very pretty and gracefull. I'm not one to draw her super sexy like most fanart is drawn of her. However I'll try to draw her as pretty as I can. Even though this fanart I drew doesn't do her justice. Kasumi is my main inspiration for my original character Sakumi. Who is a fire elemented elf. I don't post many picture of Sakumi but in the future, perhaps I will.

ANYWAYS. Onto the art. The reference I found while browsing through google pictures. I found more references of Kasumi but I lost the links. Sometimes I copy and paste the reference(s) right onto the picture. Cause sometimes I find myself switching back and forth a lot just to make sure things look right.

The Lineart. Sometimes the lineart just looks much better than the finished product.

The background and the starting the skin. Sometimes I wonder what I'm thinking when I work on the skin. I tend to give it weird colors but refuse to change them until I match up the eyes and the hair to it to see how it looks.

Her outfits shading tend to show as soft pinks or purples I've notice from the references. I guess it actually depends on the artist.

Added the red trimming and the gold that I have seen in a few references.

Finished! I still think I didn't do her justice. Oh well.

I hope everyone enjoys!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Swimsuit doodle

Sorry that I haven't updated in awhile. Been busy. I went to a theme park last Thursday! It was fun. Walking on concrete for long periods of time with no shoes really make your feet hurt after awhile.

Soon I'll do another inspiration fan art. I don't have a lot of motivation for drawing other than fan art.

Been working on a literary project I've been thinking about posting some pieces from the project onto the blog. Wish me luck on this project please! I hope to succeed with this once the project is finished.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

KOS-MOS, Xenosaga fanart.

Picture found while browsing through google pictures of KOS-MOS.This picture was used as a reference.

So KOS-MOS is one of the characters that inspires me. Xenosaga was such an intriguing story. In my opinion, KOS-MOS has got to be the best android character in video game history. Disagree if you want, but that's what I think. Her first design (As shown in this post.) and her final design are my favorite designs. Her look changes in each of the games too.

Starting with a sketch. We all know how those are done.

Lineart. Normally when I get close to finishing a lineart, I get anxious and half of the work ends up looking like crap. This time it actually looks more pleasing to the eye.

THE BACKGROUND. To me backgrounds can be very fun and kinda challenging depending what you want to do.

Mehhhh colouringggggggg. The hair was fun to do.

Finally finished. It took me a whole day. Too long.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Uhm yeah the picture explains it. Art block. I'll find a way around it. However I had a major project to work on. But yeah I'll find something GOOD to post about. Maybe some art that inspires me?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bubble Punk

BUBBLES and a punk girl. Needed to draw something. Gonna go write something now. o:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pretty Scarlet

For a couple of monthes I'll be doing some traditional work, I wanna get back into it. Pencil sketches and watercolor mostly...

I hope this picture is enjoyable it's just a little doodle.

Off to clean my room now... :x

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sketch Alert!

A couple of sketches, from my sketch book. I should do this more often. Cause I do way to much digital art. I need a new scanner, it's to the point now where I cannot find any driver's for it and Windows7. Yay. *Complains* I might water color the rose dark angel. Maybe.